I don’t know why I decided to write this as the very first article on the website, I guess it’s one of the things that’s buzzing in my head right now.

Diet? But I’m not trying to lose weight…

Most people associate the word “diet” with weight loss.  There’s a good reason for that, too. Most people don’t pay attention to their diet until they decide they need to lose a few pounds.

But diet is not just something that’s done for weigh loss.  Diet is everything you eat.  Whether you eat 5 Snicker bars, a pizza, and a happy meal – or a 6 oz. chicken breast with rice and a cup of broccoli – it makes no difference.  That is still part of one’s diet. Simply said, you’re always on a diet, whether you’re trying to lose weight, bulk up, or you’re just eating whatever you find first because you’re hungry.

In the upcoming articles I’ll write more about certain issues such as diet for weight loss, which diets work and which don’t, and so on.

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